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Change Management Checklist

How many of these problems affect projects
or initiatives at your company?

Check all that apply.

Projects lose steam. The change isn’t accepted and put in place.

Executives lose interest- so projects stall, and eventually the budget gets cut.

A key manager who people respect resists a change, and therefore much of the staff resists it too.

Something unexpected comes up, stalling the project.

The change is implemented, but the staff goes back to the old way of doing things.

No one on your team knows what ‘change management’ means- and they aren’t really interested in learning about it.

You and the project team feel a sense of urgency about a change, but the staff doesn’t, and you feel like you have to struggle to get your point across to them.

Everyone’s behind you, but the CEO just nods and doesn’t actively throw his support behind the project.

You send the memo out, and the managers seem to understand the key message, but the staff doesn’t.

You implemented the change and all signs indicated that it was successful. However, the change didn’t "stick."

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