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Organizational Communication Checklist

How many of the following affect you and your company?

Check all that apply.

Inconsistent communications to employees…causes confusion and dissatisfaction

Communications not tied to corporate objectives…impacts productivity

No feedback mechanisms…unable to assess communication effectiveness

Too much “noise” to employees and/or teams…messages lost, employees overwhelmed

Employee communications perceived as “fluff”…messages not read

Communications decentralized…competing messages by executives, mid-level management, and/or departments

“Cascading communications” model more like waterfall…some employee groups don’t get the message, feel alienated

Outdated communication vehicles (hardcopy publications, flyers, etc.)…message penetration suffers, cost issues

Company has experienced a recent business change (growth, new process, technology, merger/acquisition, downsizing)?

Lack of organized, comprehensive communication plan…inefficient delivery of messages, lack of clarity 

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