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Onboarding and Online Orientation

Tools, Products and Services

In keeping with our Onboarding Approach, we may employ some or all of the following tools, products and services to create your customized Onboarding program.

Defining Scope and Client Needs through Analysis/Research

  • Define onboarding scope and confirm onboarding business objectives

  • Employ ReportCardAnalysis (RPA) process

  • Program/material auditing

  • Gap/needs analysis

  • Survey/measurement

  • Define onboard behaviors and results

Designing the Onboarding Process

  • Develop high-level onboarding roadmap/timeline

  • Identify/design detailed onboarding activities: preboarding, self-initiated, supervisor-owned, leader-owned, operations-owned, technology-based, formal events

  • Design, develop and implement an interactive Online Orientation Program for both new and existing employees

Developing Onboarding Support Tools

  • Develop pre-boarding materials

  • Develop onboarding elements per design including classroom training/meetings/events and associated materials, digital programming, digital resources and guidebooks/maps

  • Develop facilitator support/training/coaching


  • Develop scheduling/tracking tools

  • Develop evaluation tools

  • Monitor and measure process effectiveness

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