Targeted Training

Our Approach

Tools, Products & Services


Targeted Training

Tools, Products & Services

Our Targeted Training services encompass the full project lifecycle and all project activities, including budgeting; resource allocation; and project prioritization, planning, execution, monitoring, measurement and realization.

Depending on your need, we may employ some or all of the following tools, products and services:


  • Front-end analysis

  • Task analysis

  • Gap analysis

  • Content analysis

Training Delivery

  • Classroom instruction

  • Multi-media or blended approach

  • Online training

  • Self-study

  • Structured on-the-job training

Training Development

  • Instructor-led soft-skills workshops

  • Train-the-trainer programs

  • Facilitator and end-user guides

  • Online orientation

  • Computer-based training

  • Web-based training

  • Self-study guides

  • Paper-to-electronic course conversion

  • Curriculum design

Evaluation and Assessment

  • Pre- and post-tests

  • Level IIknowledge assessment

  • Level IIIprocedural or hands-on assessment

  • Score tracking with remediation links to course content

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